Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekly Training Recap 1/20-1/26

Monday, 1/20: 5 miles easy (though big fall on the ice!)
Tuesday, 1/21: off, abs
Wednesday, 1/22: off, abs
Thursday, 1/23: 8 miles with intervals (see Thursday's blog post), abs
Friday, 1/24: 4 miles easy in the snow, abs
Saturday, 1/25: 12 mile long run, (switching between treadmills and indoor track)
Sunday, 1/26: 6 miles total* with each 2 miles progressively faster (9:00-7:30 min/miles), abs

Total mileage: 35 miles

*No masters swim team for second week in a row due to indoor triathlon!  Can't wait till next Sunday!  I might even try a practice during the week.  I miss it!

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