Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trail Racing and other running thoughts.

Some days I am really apt to make this into a "runner" blog. Yet, this inkling tends to get stifled when I think I might become obsessed. That said, blogging provides a really solid opportunity to log progress. I make a quick note of my mileage and sometimes my splits on google calendar, but I don't really analyze my daily running adventures.

To be honest, after the trail half at wirth parkway a few weeks ago, I have been feeling in a bit of a running rut. I am exhausted after work. I always feel better after running; it's a good transition time, but it is so tempting to just go home and lay around after a long day! But, like I said, as soon as I get my legs stretching on the roads, I feel so much better.

I am thinking about switching to an early morning running routine. I need to change it up! I am going to try to get up early tomorrow and see how that feels. 5:30am seems early, but it is worth a shot. Perhaps I will be able to feel more awake during the day and more upbeat at night if I add a morning run in. I'll report back tomorrow!

Here's a photo from the trail loppet a few weeks ago:

If I really wanted to be a true running blogger, I would need to submit a race report. I do need to write one of these up, but I am just waiting until I am in the zone...