Saturday, June 28, 2014

Marathon Training: A couple long runs

I signed up for Twin Cities Marathon!  This will be my 5th marathon and my 3rd Twin Cities.  I needed a challenge- a physical and mental one- to focus my training and give new perspective to paying attention to my health and well-being.

I am following the "Own It" plan from one of my favorite sites- Another Mother Runner.  This morning marks my fourth long run of the training plan, an easy 13 miler.

Last weekend's long run was a glorious 15 miles with the middle five around marathon pace (I am shooting for a 4 hour (or less, eek!) marathon so that sets me around a 9 minute mile).  Since I was spending a few days visiting my parents and grandma in Cleveland, my dad offered to ride his bike next to me.

Long runs are true invitations for quality time with someone so I was fortunate that my dad was willing to cruise at snail's pace along this hilly boulevard.  He carried my snacks and water too!  What a guy!  He kept the conversation going as I muddled through the last five miles.  My average pace was 9:28 with some 9:00 miles (or less) in the middle.

Today's 13 felt so easy in comparison (an easy 10:28 pace- my running buddy, Rose, was tough on me and forced me to GO EASY!  I have a hard time with this once I get about two or three miles in.  I knew I needed to keep it slow though as last week I really felt tired around mile 12).  We did an out and back from my house to the Cathedral at the end of Summit.  We entertained ourselves by choosing our dream houses (although neither of us could imagine living in an entire house on Summit- they are huge!  What would you put in all the rooms?  No idea!?) and talking about some of our favorite subjects- new recipes and public transportation.  

I feel like every other week my long feel so easy.  I suppose that's the point of this plan- wear myself down and build back up.  Over the next three weeks, I am increasing my long run to the plan's first 20 miler on July 19th.  I will be out of town during the next two weekends, but I am looking forward to some new terrain for the long runs!  Maybe some pals will run/ride with me for some of it...we'll see!