Thursday, October 2, 2008

food to satiate the running heart

I getting all amped up for the half on Sunday. This week I cut back my mileage severely. Though I feel good, I just want to get out there! I've always felt this way; I hated HATE that count down before the gun goes off. Still, I'm thrilled to run through my city (ah, my city, that feels so right). I simply cannot imagine a more perfect route: downtown, the chain of lakes, minnehaha creek parkway, lake nokomis...I end there, and the rest of the marathoners will keep trudging on. In the back of my mind I sometimes wonder if I'll want to keep going after thirteen miles. I told Mike to make sure I stop...I don't know if a firm grip at mile 13 will be necessary or not. We'll see on Sunday.
In the meantime, we've been making some stellar meals. As Mike pointed out, "We finally learned how to cook together." I don't know if I would exaggerate finally like its been decades...but, I do agree with him that we've vastly improved since our initial attempts to cook together. Our tastes and food histories are often on opposite ends of the spectrum; its outstanding we can find common ground at all.
Yesterday, we improvised a version of "Moosewood meets Cooking Light" spanakopita. You really can't go wrong with fresh feta, spinach, a couple eggs, a lot of butter, and phyllo dough. Steam the spinach, mixing it with the feta and eggs. Then, layer the phyllo dough, butter, and spinach in a casserole dish. Cook for 35 min at 375 or until the first layer is crispy brown. Cool for a bit and eat! I paired it with my nightly glass of merlot.