Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Recap: 2/17-2/23

Monday, 2/17: 6 miles on treadmill w/4 miles @ 8:00 min pace
Tuesday: 2/18: 5 miles easy, abs
Wednesday, 2/19: off, abs
Thursday, 2/20: off, abs
Friday, 2/21: long run on treadmill, 12 miles! abs
Saturday, 2/22: run in the cold but sunny outdoors with Rose, 7 miles, abs.
Sunday, 2/23: masters swim team, 3350 yards

Total mileage: 30 miles

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekly Recap: 2/10-2/16

Monday 2/10: 6 mile run (felt awful but finished...), abs
Tuesday 2/11: off, abs.
Wednesday 2/12: 7.5 miles outside!  abs.
Thursday 2/13: 6 miles w/4x400 (treadmill), abs.
Friday 2/14: 4 miles easy, outside!, abs.
Saturday 2/15: 6 miles w/ 3x400, 3x800, 3x200 (between 8:00-7:00 pace)
Sunday 2/16: 4 miles easy

Total mileage: 33.5miles

Skipped long run and swim team this week due to a visit from my family.  That said, I ran almost every day even if it was just a nice refresher run.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekly Training Recap: 2/3-2/9

Monday 2/3- 6.25 miles w/6x800 @ 8:00-7:30 pace, abs.
Tuesday 2/4- 1.5 miles easy (I planned to go longer but Misha wasn't into childcare that evening!), abs.
Wednesday 2/5- off, abs
Thursday 2/6- off, abs
Friday 2/7- 6.5 miles easy with Rachel The Dog, Rose and Lida, abs.
Saturday 2/8- 10 miles on treadmill
Sunday 2/9- 3150 yards, swim team

total mileage (running): appx. 24

This week had some good moments- Monday's treadmill workout, getting outside on Friday, and then of course, swim practice on Sunday morning.  I made some excellent meals this week too if I do say so myself (and I do!) including a kale salad with beets, sweet potatoes, and apples, a parsnip "rice" with flavored with coconut and ginger, a chicken bean bowl, and a beef chili loaded with vegetables for Saturday night with friends.  I also have been drinking at least a mug of mate everyday- a nice substitute for coffee and full of antioxidants.

The week's low point was the lack of running Tuesday through Thursday.  I intended to get out there but my plan was foiled due to Misha's devices, the freezing temperatures, and my lack of willpower to get to the gym once Mike got home from work.  It's tough sometimes!  Hopefully, this week I will be able to increase my mileage a bit- I need to start thinking ahead to the longer trail runs ahead of me!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Training Reflections

Month in numbers:
Running mileage: 133
# of runs with running buddies: 10
Swimming yardage: 9100 (5.170455 miles!)
# ab workouts: 23
# of push-ups: appx. 460
Minutes spent weight lifting (+countless minutes of lifting misha): 20 minutes


  • I am feeling good about my first three swim team practices!  The workouts stretch me and it has been motivating to join a new community of athletes.  I am the slowest swimmer in lane 2, but I think if I keep going on Sundays consistently and add 1 more swim workout a week (either a practice or just swimming on my own), I will begin to improve.  
  • I am feel strong on the running front.  It is heavenly to get outside when the temperatures allow it.  I am thankful that I joined the gym and its been fun to do some workouts with a buddy next to me on the treadmill. 

Not so good:
Mostly nutritional stuff...

  • Gained five unwanted pounds over the last month.  I know that is hard to believe with all the workouts but with workouts comes hunger.  And, with awful weather comes boredom.  When I can't get out of the house, it is easy to grab an extra handful of snacks.  I am totally not against snacks as fuel and even an occasional dessert.  But high quantities of sugar, salt, and processed food definitely affect my energy and motivation to engage in life.  
  • Drinking wine or scotch every night.  I am on the fence about this one.  I think a daily cocktail is actually a good thing.  My grandparents did it every day at 5 o'clock.  It is a good tradition but I want to cap it at one drink and nurse that puppy.  Instead of helping myself to a second glass at dinner.

Intentions For February:

  • Set up training bike in basement and move workout equipment into studio
  • Yoga dvd and/or gillian vid 1 x week 
  • Add one more swim workout a week
  • Avoid unnecessary snacking and processed food.  Enjoy simple desserts (dark chocolate, figs with coconut) on a daily basis and indulge in a real treat once and a while (carrot cake!).
  • 1 glass of wine or scotch.  Nurse that puppy!

Weekly Training Recap: 1/27-2/2

Monday, 1/27: 5 miles with some hills (treadmill), abs
Tuesday 1/28: 8 miles w/ intervals: 2x1600 (3 min. recov), 3x600 (2 min recov), 3x300 (1-2 min recov), (treadmill), abs.
Wednesday 1/29: off, abs.
Thursday 1/30: 5 miles easy in the snow with Rebecca.  Lovely. Abs.
Friday 1/31: off, abs
Saturday 2/1: 10 mile long run, outside! with Callie and Rachel the dog!  Amazing! abs
Sunday 2/2: swim team, total yards: 3250

Total mileage: 28 miles