Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Menu Volumes 4 & 5: Feb. 23rd to March 8th

I didn't post last week's dinner menu, so this is a double feature post.  (As a side note- SAT question of the day is a routine warm up in my English class.  The subject of week's grammar question was a 1930's ploy to attract more moviegoers by offering a double feature- two films for the price of one.  I asked my students if they ever went to a "double feature."  They giggled and looked around.  I told them not to worry as my mom was a real supporter of "double feature"- one of her more rebellious habits along with McDonald's ice cream for lunch.)

Anywayssss- to the menus!

February 23rd-Friday, March 1st
Saturday- "Homemade" pizza...although there really isn't anything homemade about this bought crust, mozzarella log, italian sausage, basil, and pizza sauce.
Sunday-Salmon, Israeli couscous, and steamed green beans.
Monday- Brocoli and cheese soup (cooking light- thanks mom!) with baked potatoes ( easy).
Tuesday- Veggie stir fry (we still have not finished a humongous bag of cosco frozen vegetables) with brown rice.
Wednesday- Pulled Pork Sandwiches (slow cooker!  cooking light!  easiest recipe ever!) with coleslaw
Thursday- Parent/Teacher conferences....
Friday-Dinner with friends- take-out style!  Our friends have a one-year old.  They invited us over for a low-key evening and to our delight, suggested take-out!  And, to our utter delight, Quang take-out!  Quang is our favorite Vietnamese spot in the cities if you ask us.  Mike gets the 301 and I get the 307.  I think take-out dinner with friends will catch on big time once baby Vasich is born!

Sunday, March 3rd-Friday March 8th

Sunday-  Dinner at our neighbor's with the Longfellow crew.
Monday- Turkey sloppy joe's with sweet potato fries.
Tuesday- Leftovers...
Wednesday-Tilapia with asparagus and couscous w/red pepper.
Thursday- Spaghetti with marinara and turkey meatballs.
Friday- Noodles takeout?  We get to babysit Otis!