Thursday, January 23, 2014

Something about running...

School was cancelled again due to bitter cold temperatures.  So what did I do?  Head to the gym, of course!  I couldn't wait to get in an interval workout after a two day running hiatus.  I have been getting interval workout ideas from a running group that meets every Thursday morning.  I am never able to join them due to my morning work schedule/routine, but I like to do their workouts so I requested to keep me on the email list!

Here was today's workout:

1 mile w/u
4 x (4 min, 3 min, 2 min) w/1 min. recovery jogs between each interval.  I ran each set a little faster- starting at 8 min/mile pace and ending at 7:30 min/mile.
1 mile c/d

Total mileage: 8 miles

I finished up with some quick stretching and my standard 8 min. abs.

I felt awesome!

Now, the special thing about this workout is that I completed it while talking with a colleague of mine on the treadmill next me.  As a p.Hd student, she is busy too so we have found that workout meetings ensure collaboration for us!  Further, we both love to brainstorm and chat while running so meetings on the run is the perfect combination.  I am all about this.  If anyone wants to have a meeting with me, get your running shoes out.  I am serious.  And, if it is on treadmills, we don't even have to be the same pace!  Everyone wins!

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