Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy Saturday Long Run

Today's run was with BRB (Best Running Buddy), Rebecca.  We met up at Summit and River Road and ran 10 leisurely miles along the Mississippi River (turning around at the Stone Arch Bridge).  The temperature was a (balmy!) thirty degrees with little wind.  In fact, heading south, we noticed that the wind was helping us with an incline.  Surprised, we exclaimed, "Wait!  Was the wind actually in our faces before?!"  Despite some slushy spots (especially Lake Street Bridge!), it felt wonderful to stretch out the muscles and engage in our usual joyful long run conversation!

As a side note, during the run, I pondered whether there was a specific running group out on river road today with the goal to say a warm hello to every runner, or if it was just the welcome shift in weather.  Truly, I don't believe I've ever got more happy greetings from joggers!

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  1. BRB!! :) Thank you for the great chats over all of our miles!