Sunday, December 2, 2012

Goings On...

You know the song, "It's the most wonderful time of the year..."  That's pretty much my mantra starting around Thanksgiving week and wrapping up in mid January. As I write this post, I am listening to the holiday station (programmed on all household and vehicle radios) AND Mike is currently buying out Menard's stock of holiday lights.

Here's a glimpse of the weekend's festive and not-really-festive happenings:

Today, The Longfellow Lights Committee prepares this year's awards.  A popcorn bucket and Muppet's Christmas Carol will keep us on task as we cut and glitter (yes, I used glitter as a verb).

Mike and I attended an 8-hour Childbirth Express Class on Saturday.  I should write an entire post about this, but for now, I will say that we feel confident and excited about the birth process.  We also quizzed each other on childbirth trivia all the way home.  True or false- a newborn should have 3 soiled diapers before it leaves the hospital?  (I got this one wrong...Mike got every question correct...responsible parent already established.)

To celebrate a friend's birthday, Mike and I walked to our local pub, Merlin's Rest.  Whenever we go, I am reminded how lucky we are to live five blocks away from this cozy establishment.  The place was packed with happy locals.

We're planning a mid-December Christmas Party- cookies, caroling, and eggnog.  I am working on a cookie list while Mike is compiling Christmas Carol lyrics so people actually know the verses.  I am thinking family favorites for the cookie list- molasses cookies, Grandma Jean's sugar cut-outs, peanut blossoms, and my favorite, BISCOTTI!

Still running!  I completed a refreshing 7 miler with Rachel (my tried and true running buddy) on this foggy morning.  I continue to appreciate living near river road as there are lots of places to sneak a pee (more and more necessary as the pregnancy calendar progresses).  I have become quite the ninja pee-er.  Post-work runs are especially easy in this area as the sunlight goes down so darn early!  You won't hear me complaining as I pop a squat...  (Okay, I will spare you further details).  

Okay, its time to hang some lights!!!  More soon!