Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weekend Run Highlights

I planned to run somewhere around 12 miles for Saturday's long run, but due to the steamy temps and my tired legs, I ended somewhere in the 11 mile range including a few walking intervals.  Saturday's saving grace was a running buddy who kept me entertained with explanations of cultural theory and a goal setting session for our thirties.  We to be glamorous thirty year-olds on a budget?

We passed a family placing a red wagon and cute blue chair out on the curb.  We confirmed that the goods were free and convinced the family to put the goods in their backyard so we could grab them post-run.  If only folks were leaving little black dresses and kate spade bags curbside...

Sunday was an easy five mile run to stretch out my legs after Saturday's slog.  I like to go out with Misha on Sunday am's since we often aren't together anymore in the mornings.  Misha likes to be my coach, smile at me, and look around as we cruise around River Road.

This Sunday, we passed this neighbor kid who offered free lemonade much to the dismay of a second for-profit lemonade stand across the street. I first encountered this do-gooder during my warm up.  He encouraged me to stop, "Just a friendly cup of free lemonade...just a neighborly cup!" he advertised.  I promised I would stop on the way home if he was still there.

Sure enough, buddy boy was at his corner (now with watermelon too!).  I told him I was ready to take him up on the offer.  He was pretty pumped.  We talked business.  Apparently, the market was low.  He was thinking of setting up shop on river road when "that big race happens."  "You mean the Twin Cities Marathon?"  I told him he would have a lot of takers then.  We talked education.  He recommended his school.  "How do you like it?" I asked.  "It's good.  It has a pool," he said.  "Cool."  I told him that Misha wasn't ready for school yet but he is a good running coach.  The kid cheerfully enthused, "He's the team mascot!"

Misha and I on Franklin Bridge on a cloudy Sunday run. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Training Ponderings...

***For those of you who read this blog primarily for Misha updates, I apologize for my training-related posts but these will keep coming as running and training are important parts of my life!  Don't worry- Misha posts will continue too as he is a complete love nut.  
Hanging with mom...
With the YWCA sprint triathlon under my belt, I am looking ahead to the fall running season as well as pondering future training and racing goals now that I am a mother!

This fall, I have signed up for three races: Women Run The Cities 10 mile, the TC 10 mile (little sister race of the Twin Cities Medtronic Marathon) and my priority race- the Ortho Monster Dash Half Marathon.  Despite the fact that I love trail running and racing, I intentionally signed up for three road races because they are closer to home and easier to train for with a baby in the mix!

However, as I put together my fall training plan, I find myself weighing different options and struggling to set attainable but challenging goals.  I know I want to do my long runs on Saturdays along with two weekdays dedicated to intervals, hills, thresholds, or another workout of this caliber.  However, when I consider the rest of my plan, the regular sprinkle of easy, shorter runs are convenient, but they don't necessarily help to make me faster or fitter.  So, I am wondering...should I take a risk and try something new that would require some dedication?  Or, should I relax and prioritize convenience as I settle into the working mom mode?  Advice, anyone?

Some of the other training options I've been considering for this fall/winter:
-Joining the masters swim team at Macalester
-Running with a local YWCA track group on Thursday mornings (free!)
-Organizing an all-women/teachers running group at my school
-Lifting weights (this would be really nice to do with a partner!  Anyone interested?)

Reflecting on the big picture, I must ask myself- what do I hope to get out of training?  What would I like to accomplish- this fall, this year, and in the future?  It's important that these goals are attainable but I also believe that a true goal requires dedication, work, and risk to make it worthwhile.  And most of all, I must be passionate about it!

Tentative Goals for 2013-2014:
Complete an olympic distance triathlon
Run the Superior Trail 25k (or 50k???) in May