Saturday, May 15, 2010

Falling into place...

Well, things are certainly on the up-swing wedding-wise! The checklist is starting to focus on details instead of the central drivers. Just this week, we met and contracted the most natural fit photographer, Scott Streble. His studio is in Northeast Minneapolis in this great old warehouse. Mike and I had quite an adventure figuring out the freight elevator. From his massive PEZ wall to his candid, photo-journalist style, it was immediately clear that Scott fit the bill.

And! After waiting four months, my wedding dress arrived! And yes, it is as gorgeous, more gorgeous, than I remember. The ladies at l'atelier couture are just lovely. This is the precious e-postcard I received last week:

Also, new bridesmaid dresses...
Pansy for my beautiful bridesmaids:

And, wisteria for my lovely sister:

Okay, and just so you are convinced that I haven't fallen headfirst into the over-the-top world of wedding planning, I am sharing with you a quite hard-core (well, about as hardcore as I get...okay, except maybe my cliff jumping/abseiling days) image from my last half-marathon at the end of April. I PR'd, but I almost lost my soggy shorts due to massive rainfall.