Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Training Reflections

Month in numbers:
Running mileage: 133
# of runs with running buddies: 10
Swimming yardage: 9100 (5.170455 miles!)
# ab workouts: 23
# of push-ups: appx. 460
Minutes spent weight lifting (+countless minutes of lifting misha): 20 minutes


  • I am feeling good about my first three swim team practices!  The workouts stretch me and it has been motivating to join a new community of athletes.  I am the slowest swimmer in lane 2, but I think if I keep going on Sundays consistently and add 1 more swim workout a week (either a practice or just swimming on my own), I will begin to improve.  
  • I am feel strong on the running front.  It is heavenly to get outside when the temperatures allow it.  I am thankful that I joined the gym and its been fun to do some workouts with a buddy next to me on the treadmill. 

Not so good:
Mostly nutritional stuff...

  • Gained five unwanted pounds over the last month.  I know that is hard to believe with all the workouts but with workouts comes hunger.  And, with awful weather comes boredom.  When I can't get out of the house, it is easy to grab an extra handful of snacks.  I am totally not against snacks as fuel and even an occasional dessert.  But high quantities of sugar, salt, and processed food definitely affect my energy and motivation to engage in life.  
  • Drinking wine or scotch every night.  I am on the fence about this one.  I think a daily cocktail is actually a good thing.  My grandparents did it every day at 5 o'clock.  It is a good tradition but I want to cap it at one drink and nurse that puppy.  Instead of helping myself to a second glass at dinner.

Intentions For February:

  • Set up training bike in basement and move workout equipment into studio
  • Yoga dvd and/or gillian vid 1 x week 
  • Add one more swim workout a week
  • Avoid unnecessary snacking and processed food.  Enjoy simple desserts (dark chocolate, figs with coconut) on a daily basis and indulge in a real treat once and a while (carrot cake!).
  • 1 glass of wine or scotch.  Nurse that puppy!

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