Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly Menu Vol. 2- February 10-15th

I set two goals as I planned this week's menu: 1)use up a hug bucket of chickpeas that I soaked and cooked last weekend, and 2)incorporate the sad looking cauliflower*** at the bottom of the veggie drawer.

Sunday- I decided I better tackle these goals TODAY with some Sunday soup making that will provide for a couple meals later in the week.
Soup 1: Syrian Chickpea Soup with Lemon and Tahini from New England Soup Factory Cookbook
Soup 2: Cauliflower Soup with aged cheddar and mustard croutons from Super Natural Every Day

Monday-Stir fry vegetables with tofu

Tuesday- Leftover soup!

Wednesday-Early Valentine's Day date night at Al Vento, one of our favorite Italian spots in the city.  Last year, we ordered something like a 1/2 quart of wine to share and the server brought us a full quart. Needless to say, that will not be happening this year!  :)  The olive oil for bread dipping is perfect at this little corner restaurant.

Thursday-My parents come to town!  I plan on having leftover soup and crusty bread on hand.  Although I may need to switch this Friday's meal if we're getting bored with leftovers around here.

Friday-Homemade pizzas with fixin's.

***Cauliflower was too sad; I had to buy a new one (but I used it immediately!).

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