Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Running

This summer's training runs have been more helter skelter than ever. I'm currently training for two triathlons in August- a women only sprint tri in Minneapolis and then a longer, Olympic distance tri in Maple Grove. So, I approached this summer with the attitude that I will run when I need to and focus on biking and swimming consistently.

This plan has sort of worked out. I've been running at least four days a week: two days of trail running workouts with my club and then two days of running with Washburn Cross Country Team as a new coach. This adds up to at least 20 miles of running. However, I have some beef with this schedule. Primarily, I don't get to run as much with Rachel or by my lonesome or with my other best running girlfriends. Thus, I've sneaked (snuck?) in some extra runs to accomplish this. Perhaps as a result (or due to the fact that I never recovered fully from the marathon), my left hip is creaky. I don't like it. It's not painful, it just takes me at least 45 minutes to warm up! I am hoping it is a just a little tendinitis and it will eventually work itself out.

In other news, I attended a race preview ride for the sprint tri at Nokomis Lake. Like I mentioned, it is all female triathlon. I was surprised at the race preview how competitive (okay, downright pushy) the other women were. Most of them were much older than me and more geared out. As soon as we started the ride, all of them scooted so they could be as close to the front of the line of bikes as possible. This seemed a little silly to me and I ended up just bringing in the rear, confident that tides would change come race day (meaning I will not come in last).

The course looks pretty simple with a couple sharp turns on the bike and a couple there and backs on the bike and the run routes. Both of the there and backs are short so I am not too worried about it. The swim course looks simple as well, just one u shaped loop. I think the biggest challenge for me will be the transition area circus. I've heard people put out balloons and bright towels to mark their area for easy finding. I will have to think of something fun to put up!

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