Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Morning Swim

As a teacher, I have the luxury of ten empty weeks. Somehow, I manage to fill up seven of them pretty quickly with camping, coaching, traveling, paneling, and painting. Today, however, I spent Monday morning exactly the way I wish I could spend every Monday morning for the rest of my life. Dramatic? Yes. Sincere? Very.

I baked a batch of millet muffins and drank some coffee. I opened all the windows and let the cool morning air drift through our home. Then, Anna, one of my favorite tri/run buddies biked over and we headed to Lake Nokomis to try out some open water swimming before my sprint tri in a few weeks.

Despite the cloudy water and the ill spread buoys, I felt strong and fast. I really had nothing to measure my speed against, but I imagined coming out of the swim in first place (this will not happen but it was fun to imagine!). The sun was beaming down on the waves and I felt absolutely alive and grateful. Thank you parents for signing me up for swim team at age 6. Highly appreciated.

Now, for some lunch!

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