Sunday, July 18, 2010

night before the crowds fly in!

After an early morning 14 miler with some friends who are training for the Twin Cities Marathon, I gave myself a little pep talk and headed off to do ERRANDS! Woot. The best kind - paper shopping and grocery shopping ala trader joes. One of the best thing about Trader Joe's is the line up of enticing flowers at the entrance. I am typically pulled to the bright colored blooms, but today, I eyed a smart lady pick up a bushel of eucalyptus and a bundle of lavender. Brilliant! I grabbed a few packs and filled several vases around the apartment. I haven't left the apartment yet, but I am hoping that when I reenter, the wild branches will bring me back to running Owl Trail along the Pacific coastline.

Later in the afternoon, Mike and I rearranged furniture and CLEANED! Our wedding entourage (ie. friends and family) begin arriving tomorrow! We actually had a pretty nice time of it. And, the apartment looks just lovely if you ask me. We spent our last night as an unmarried couple (without an entourage) drinking rum and cokes and eating grilled salmon, summer squash, and green salad. The veggies all came from our CSA! Seriously, we have a "mini-share," and we cannot make it through all the vegetables. Way to go ploughshare farm.

So, really, all's well here. We are going to take Rachel the Dog Vasich for an evening stroll and then work on some projects.


  1. Congrats and GOOD LUCK! I hope your wedding is spectacular.

  2. you all are beautiful. so happy to know you.