Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A running update

Earlier this week, I attended my first trail running club practice! I was tentative at first; I wasn't sure about the concept since I have never joined a professional running group. However, after the first practice, I really think I'm going to like it. First off, it's awesome to run trails when someone else (ie. coach) is keeping track of where we are running! Secondly, it's motivating to run with other people (the club is open to all ages and pace groups). I tend to run a little harder and accept tough workouts as challenges instead of hurdles to finish as fast as I can.

Our first run was an easy 4 miler on the Theodore Wirth trail system. Most of the practices will meet there. There isn't much to say about the run itself...but I must voice how much I adore the trails! Not the bike trails, not the running paved trails, the REAL THING. I CRAVE the sensation of leaping over a fallen tree and turning fast corners. I like the terrain, the hills. All of it. I am looking forward to some longer runs...

Anyway, this running club thing is pretty darn cool. As for the women's running collective, I have to get back on the organizational bandwagon. We do need to make some changes for next year if we want to keep it going...maybe I should call a meeting/run? I think it would be awesome if we met more regularly, chose some key races together to train for, and broke into different pace/distance groups. This might help keep folks accountable. It's a great idea...just needs more commitment (from me as much as anyone else!). But we are an "award winning" group (ha, neighborhood award...) so that must mean something!

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