Sunday, September 8, 2013

Training Ponderings...

***For those of you who read this blog primarily for Misha updates, I apologize for my training-related posts but these will keep coming as running and training are important parts of my life!  Don't worry- Misha posts will continue too as he is a complete love nut.  
Hanging with mom...
With the YWCA sprint triathlon under my belt, I am looking ahead to the fall running season as well as pondering future training and racing goals now that I am a mother!

This fall, I have signed up for three races: Women Run The Cities 10 mile, the TC 10 mile (little sister race of the Twin Cities Medtronic Marathon) and my priority race- the Ortho Monster Dash Half Marathon.  Despite the fact that I love trail running and racing, I intentionally signed up for three road races because they are closer to home and easier to train for with a baby in the mix!

However, as I put together my fall training plan, I find myself weighing different options and struggling to set attainable but challenging goals.  I know I want to do my long runs on Saturdays along with two weekdays dedicated to intervals, hills, thresholds, or another workout of this caliber.  However, when I consider the rest of my plan, the regular sprinkle of easy, shorter runs are convenient, but they don't necessarily help to make me faster or fitter.  So, I am wondering...should I take a risk and try something new that would require some dedication?  Or, should I relax and prioritize convenience as I settle into the working mom mode?  Advice, anyone?

Some of the other training options I've been considering for this fall/winter:
-Joining the masters swim team at Macalester
-Running with a local YWCA track group on Thursday mornings (free!)
-Organizing an all-women/teachers running group at my school
-Lifting weights (this would be really nice to do with a partner!  Anyone interested?)

Reflecting on the big picture, I must ask myself- what do I hope to get out of training?  What would I like to accomplish- this fall, this year, and in the future?  It's important that these goals are attainable but I also believe that a true goal requires dedication, work, and risk to make it worthwhile.  And most of all, I must be passionate about it!

Tentative Goals for 2013-2014:
Complete an olympic distance triathlon
Run the Superior Trail 25k (or 50k???) in May

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