Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Running Update

Since receiving my midwife's blessing to run again, I am taking a balanced approach to regaining fitness.  I am pretty sure that I could sweat out a five miler, but I've decided to ease back into the kind of training that I did pre-pregnancy to prevent injury and potential frustration at not meeting unrealistic expectations.

With that in mind, I am combining walking and running- slowly increasing the running segments and warming up and cooling down with lots of walking.  I've been doing this about every other day.  On my non-run days, I have been following a post-natal strength plan that Olympic runner (and mom!) Carrie Tollefson put together for runner's world.  

So far, I feel energized and strong.  I am proud of myself for adding strength exercises into my routine since, historically, I am bad at weight lifting consistently.  But, Carrie Tollefson told me that I should strengthen my running muscles before I actually start running so I am listening to her. 

As for Misha, he is totally content in the running stroller (as demonstrated in this post-run photo).  I make sure to run only on smooth paths so he bounce around too much.  It's funny; I have noticed he sleeps a lot more when I am running as opposed to walking.  He must love running as much as I do!  

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