Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Running buddies!

I mentioned in my boyfriend-away event run-down that I finished a half marathon with the help of some of the women from Women's Running Collective.

It's too bad the number on my friend on the left isn't showing in this picture. Somehow, this crazy girl got "69." I mean, really, how did she manage that??? We asked her if she requested it, but she claimed that she hadn't. Incredible.

To update ya'll, the WRC is going strong! We've been doing great at monthly run/brunch, but our weekly night runs have yet to truly blossom. For example, last Thursday, I was the only one on time. Returning my solo run, I realized that my cell had a missed call from a couple stragglers...Soooo, we enjoyed a refreshing post-run DQ. Hey, if you can't run with em', you might as well enjoy the benefits of some major calories someone burned, right?!

Still, the WRC has encouraged some small group running on a spontaneous basis. In fact, that brings me to describe run I did yesterday with my hardcore/hilarious friend. You might not be surprised that this is the same friend whose number was 69 on half marathon day. Anyway, we decided to go for a 7-9 miler. Next to the river, through the city, past the Gutherie, over the stone arch bridge, through U of MN campus, back over the river to home, the run was beautiful but challenging due to the hills. Thanks to my friend, we also pushed the pace pretty hard (though she'd probably say that I was the pace-pusher). Anyway, it was the kind of tough run that leaves one feeling damn good. Thank god for resilient, talented friends that'll stick with you to the finish line.

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