Sunday, July 12, 2009

WRC: Women's Running Collective

I'm pretty lucky to have some fit, athletic lady friends that need some running buddies as much as I do. This morning, we had our first collective meeting (although, truth be told we did more running, eating, and chatting than "meeting" but that's the point right?!). It was very relaxed; we did manage to pull together some suggestions for the future of the collective however. Ideas included night runs, races (in which we would sponsor a women's health non-profit, girls' sports causes, etc), and once a month run and brunch. So a very successful first meeting. Best of all, the women who came to the meeting are totally inspiring individuals and amazing friends. That's really the best news of all.

Also, if you read this, are female, and like to run...and live in the twin cities. Shoot me an email and I will get you on the list serv.

Future running goals:
-TC Marathon 2009
-Urban Wildland Half Marathon: Aug. 1st
-Some kind of trail race...I am IN LOVE with running in the woods. Absolutely head over heels. The kind of running that frees my soul.

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